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SMS Brandname: Effective and reliable customer interaction solution provided by MobiFone for corporations

Since its establishment, MobiFone has continuously innovated products and services to offer more utilities to consumers and enterprises. Accordingly, MobiFone is one of the leading providers of SMS Brandname service, i.e. providing communication channels via mobile phones with high efficiency and at low cost, which is applied by many enterprises and organizations in their marketing campaigns.

SMS Brandname is an SMS-based marketing solution (media, advertising, customer care, etc.) that displays a brand name in the sender section instead of a simple numeric string, thereby implying high reliability and enhancing brand position in the customers’ mind. SMS Brandname solution provided by MobiFone has SMS opening and reading ratio of up to 90%, ensuring high customer interactivity.

With modern technical infrastructure, MobiFone’s solution is capable of simultaneously sending SMSs to hundreds of thousands of subscribers in a short interval, helping marketing campaigns of enterprises achieve the desired coverage ratio while still ensure the instance of the campaign.


With many outstanding features and advantages and a very low price, SMS Brandname is assessed by enterprises as one of the cheapest marketing tools on the market. Though ads market is more and more growing with a lot of various tools and forms, e.g. Programmatic Ads, Push Notification, Chatbot, etc., however, SMS Brandname solution offered by MobiFone has been always trusted by enterprises and continuously growing over the years. MobiFone SMS Brandname solution is being applied by tens of thousands organizations and enterprises in a variety of fields, ranging from banking, finance and e-commerce to education, health and public administration services, etc.

More recently, in order to meet the constantly changing needs of the market, MobiFone has cooperated with the Vietnam eCommerce and Digital Economy Agency - Ministry of Industry and Trade in launching SMS Order package, which was optimized and specialized for e-commerce businesses in order-specific customer interactions.

With the desire to provide the customers with the best experience, MobiFone is always trying to further innovate and improve to better adapt into various facets of life and offer more benefits to businesses and consumers.

Source: Mobifone

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