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15 years of Agribank card brand

From domestic cards with main functions at ATMs, Agribank's card services have grown rapidly with a portfolio of 15 card products, offering a wide range of options for Agribank customers . With 15 years of development (2003-2018), Agribank's card services are increasingly affirming its brand in the bank card market in Vietnam.
Understanding the trend of "card payment in the digital era" is the indispensable trend,  recently Agribank has been actively implementing the non-cash payment services.  In addition to continuing to upgrade the Core banking system, the card system and integrate a variety of modern payment channels on the Internet, on mobile (E-Mobile Banking, SMS Banking, etc.), Agribank continuously researches, launches many products, services and functions of modern card facilities to meet the demand for use and payment of the market. In the 2016-2020 period, with the goal of completing the conversion to payment cards based on domestic chip card technology standard, Agribank is aiming to maintain the TOP 3 position in Vietnam’s card market, aiming to become the leading brand of card services in Vietnam market.

Agribank's card services have grown steadily in both quantity and quality in the last few years. From more than 19 million cards in 2016 to the end of the first quarter 2018, the number of cards accumulated is more than 22 million cards. To date, Agribank remains the top 3 leading banks in terms of average payment amount/POS/month and ATM network (2,826 machines). Moreover, in 2017, Agribank has launched multi-function ATMs (CDM) with many outstanding functions such as deposit and fund transfer, transfer to savings account, card renewal function, registering/canceling services, printing credit card statements, etc.
In addition to popular card products and services that are familiar and preferred by customers such as debit cards, credit cards, card payment at POS, over the Internet, etc., many modern banking services have been synchronously implemented by Agribank, step by step creating an advanced technology card system, creating a positive change in the provision of non-cash payment services.
For example, in recent years, Agribank has succeeded in supplying the market with many new products, functions in line with new trend such as: card renewal, subscription/unsubscription to the service, printing credit card statement at ATMs; online payment revolution with non-physical card; “one-touch” card management, easy interbank transfer with Agribank E-Mobile Banking; Payment function by QR Code, Samsung Pay; etc. In 2018, Agribank will launch non-contact payment card technology to optimize convenience, increase security and shorten transaction time for cardholders.
Along with providing more high-quality new services so that customers are able to actively manage their cards and other services on electronic channels and ATMs without having to go to the bank, Agribank is always placing great emphasis on improving the quality of card services and showing gratitude to customers using the card with free insurance for international cardholders and customer loyalty programs. In addition, Agribank continuously launches attractive promotions for customers using Agribank cards.
With many advantages, Agribank card services will continue to deserve the trust of more than 10 million customers and in line with the trend of card payment in the digital era.

Source: Agribank

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